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Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you

hot naughty girl
Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you.

It is quite natural to learn as much as possible about our partners when it comes to new relations starting. However, very often we get the information not compatible with the “calm and happy” life. According to Men’sHealt journal, there are things you don’t need to know about your dame (let’s wait, maybe someday we’ll get the same “taboos list” about men). Here are just some of them:
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Demi Moore can’t give up her “younger man-eating” habits

Dami with Ashton
Aston Kutcher? Nay! She needs someone younger, this appetizing man-eating milf (oh yes, our Demi can be righteously called that way!) Everyone thinks that Demi and Ashton parted ways because he cheated on her BUT a smart man knows that Die Hard’s ex simply needed a younger stud, right?

Today Demi hangs out with 26-years-old fashion dealer Vito Schanabel. Taking into consideration that she is 50, things gladly shift to the weirdo side. A funny thing here: does Vito treats her as a milf and does Demi treats him from a “cougar” point of view?
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