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THIS Is What Men Dream About in Sex!

adult sex
Few men share their sexual fantasies and erotic desires, and dirty dreams to their beloved “better-halves”. Some men just fear of how nasty they are, some men prefer to hide their “other, naughty identity” in order not to scare away women they love. As a result, you have to guess and assume what in the whole world your bf wants in bed. However, there are some things you should better not know about…
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After-sex activity: men and women see it differently

seaxual activity
Perhaps, there as many types of “after-sex activity” as positions in Kamasutra. Some of them become well known cinematic cliches. Yes, we are talking about that scene where both “lovers” perform rather boorish “chat’n’smoke.” However, today we have the following situation: we can get all the info about where, when, and with whom we can have the best sex, but we know much less about spending time after making love. That’s why scientists decided to fill in that gap in our knowledge.
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Check Out a New Ultimate One Night Stand Guide

one night stand
You know Durex, right? They make condoms and stuff. However, they are also popular for their fascinating polls. According to their latest surveys, 54% of women have pretty much thrilled emotions and uplifted spirits after having a one night stand with someone they barely know before. In addition, 51% of women think that having sex without being in love is absolutely normal (thanks, libido!) However, before having it off with a “stranger” you have to cover TOP-10 basic one night stand rules which save your… well, moral welfare, at least. Check’em out right now!
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