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Friends or lovers? It’s time to re-check your relations!

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Who said that adult sex is the most important thing that keeps thing going in romantic relations? In fact, adult dating for sex is now considered just as a kind of relations most adults need to have in order to live up to the hilt. Moreover, these days traditional dating routine can be successfully supplemented or even replaced by virtual services intended to help modern people with their personal life. Yeah, I’m talking about special web-agencies most of us use from time to time to meet people for fun, adult fun, to be more specific…

On the other hand, even the best dating websites are useless when it comes to rather specific kind of relations called close friendship between men and women. It’s hard to believe, I know, but there IS such thing as friendship between girls and boys! I don’t mean vegetation in her friend zone but having fun (oh, lots of it!) with your girl-friend without jumping her bones.

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