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Check Out a New Ultimate One Night Stand Guide

one night stand
You know Durex, right? They make condoms and stuff. However, they are also popular for their fascinating polls. According to their latest surveys, 54% of women have pretty much thrilled emotions and uplifted spirits after having a one night stand with someone they barely know before. In addition, 51% of women think that having sex without being in love is absolutely normal (thanks, libido!) However, before having it off with a “stranger” you have to cover TOP-10 basic one night stand rules which save your… well, moral welfare, at least. Check’em out right now!
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Sex mates in a couple have “better sex” than friends with benefits

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OK, here’s a question for you adult fun lovers experienced in dating for sex: what is more preferable to have a full-fledged sexual life – make a couple or make friends with benefits? Take your time to answer this quite tricky question cause latest news from Harvard University may appear truly breaking even for real “adult fishing” gurus.

In general, study report published in the Journal of Sex Research reveals that people in “common” romantic relations have more adult fun in their sexual life that their counterparts who prefer to browse online dating websites in order to find come-and-go sex partners for one-time sexual game.

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Is my penis normal?” Man, you got a perfect tool for adult fun having


Do you, lad, know any other part of your own body that could be surrounded by legends and conjectures as much as your love-making tool? No-no-no, I’m not talking about those praises every next ex- of yours offers to her “bestest-and-closest” friends (as follows from your stories). Leave those fairy tales to someone more gullible.
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Having adult fun with mature women: aged wine leaves a wonderful aftertaste

Actually, making love with aged dames isn’t a big surprise for 80-90% of sensible adult men looking for fun in the cyber space of singles sex sites. As for me, I don’t see a thing that makes sex with older women reprehensible or even unacceptable. No, seriously, what’s wrong with my intentions to make love with someone who’s a bit more experienced in the Art of Sex? Besides, lots and lots of aged women visit mature women sex sites to find younger men to make ’em their regular or one-night sex partners, and I’m not talking about sugar he-babes some rich’ n’ crazy grannies choose to pet! Millions of younger guys prefer to deal with older-but-tender girls when it comes to healthy sexual relations of regular or short-run basis. That’s the way it is!

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