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Does she really owe you just because she loves you? I don’t think so…

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It’s kinda unpleasant to mention things like this but even today when it’s widely believed that both men and women go all out to build successful relations, there are lots of self-assured jerks who really think their girlfriends should treat ’em “right.” To be more specific, some guys are convinced that girls occupy a subordinate position in a couple. Well, laddies, if someone of you really thinks that things inside your couple happen just cause you-and-nobody-except-you make ’em happen, I got something for you: being nice to your girlfriend is the best policy in romantic relations; obligations make the thing you’d better keep for business. And I really mean it! Otherwise, you risk to lose everything in no time: world of adult dating can’t stand both selfishness and short-sightedness.

Ok, enough with lessons! I hope, all you, guys, are smart enough to share delights of adulthood with your love mates and don’t actually need to listen to the stories of a “crazy bachelor” visiting local singles “dating web-clubs” every night. Still, just to make sure you do it righty-right, I’m going to remind you of a few essential things that can’t be considered as something you get “by default” with romantic relations; things She doesn’t owe you just because she’s with you:

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