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Love hormone helps lovers to stay together

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Current study found in the Journal of Neuroscience, states that men can avoid company of hot women in favor of their girlfriends. In other words, funny rule “If you’re on a diet, it doesn’t that you can’t look at the sweets” doesn’t work with boys and men who have romantic relations with their better halves. It’s hard to believe, but it seems to be true. The culprit of such a strange behavior is oxytocin also known as “love hormone,” scientists believe.
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Monogamy is included with human behavior model, researchers say

dating research

There’s one question that bother brains and hearts of many human beings: is monogamy natural for human? Maybe, it’s not the question of the day, but it is asked with an enviable regularity. As you can guess, we still don’t have accurate information confirming the thesis about the unconditional human monogamy. However, most scientists tend to believe that fidelity is peculiar to the human race.
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