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Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you

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Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you.

It is quite natural to learn as much as possible about our partners when it comes to new relations starting. However, very often we get the information not compatible with the “calm and happy” life. According to Men’sHealt journal, there are things you don’t need to know about your dame (let’s wait, maybe someday we’ll get the same “taboos list” about men). Here are just some of them:
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After-sex activity: men and women see it differently

seaxual activity
Perhaps, there as many types of “after-sex activity” as positions in Kamasutra. Some of them become well known cinematic cliches. Yes, we are talking about that scene where both “lovers” perform rather boorish “chat’n’smoke.” However, today we have the following situation: we can get all the info about where, when, and with whom we can have the best sex, but we know much less about spending time after making love. That’s why scientists decided to fill in that gap in our knowledge.
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Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married?

Clean shirts, hot dinners and warmed up bed is not enough for a modern man to get married with a woman whom he loves (even like that!) There is much more in the whole tying the knot thing for men as women might usually assume. Brace yourself as you are going to find out about TOP-6 male requirements as for the “creating a family unit” stuff.

Sexual Harmony

It is here where his sexual abilities, endurance and skills have to match with your desires in bed. Satisfying his woman right is one of the most vital aspirations for modern men. Basically, it’s a good thing but if something goes wrong, you have to intervene and “help”.
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Sensible online dating tips for guys who dig virtual features of modern adult life.


Let’s pretend you are mature enough to find yourself a girlfriend without asking for your best friends help. It sounds like a sort of a miracle, I know, but collective intelligence isn’t that thing you should start from when it comes to finding your True Romance. On the contrary, Real Love prefers to hide, the island of happiness right in the middle of the life ocean – this is what all we look for when we fall for the Greatest Woman (or Man) ever. Yeah, everytime the same old thing…

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