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Age, sex drive & adult sex dates: things change a bit every time we get older


They say, everything in this beautiful world comes to it’s end, and sex dating is one of those extra pleasant things that come to an end faster than others. But is it really so?

Truth to tell, there are some specific sex drive changes most men and women feel after 35-40: our libido gets affected by many adverse factors such as stress, work-related negative emotions, lack of sexual desire, side effects of drugs, and so on. In other words, you have the whole bunch of reliable sex drive killers to choose from.

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Which one is yours: stay in nasty relations or dare to break up?

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The main question is: why do some men prefer to save relations at any price instead of moving on? Oh, silly me! I think small prediction is just the thing you, folks, need here.

In fact, the story isn’t new for 90-95% of adult human males accustomed to “civilized” sexual relations, i.e. monogamous (as a rule) alliance which takes two (as a rule) horny hearts to make a wonderful thing known as love. To put it short, seeking for adult fun is one of the most natural things in the whole world! That’s right, there’s nothing like a sex chat with a hot stuff and jumping her tender bones in an hour or two: modern adult sex websites sure do wonders when it comes to specific adult needs!

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