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Love hormone helps lovers to stay together

love and dating
Current study found in the Journal of Neuroscience, states that men can avoid company of hot women in favor of their girlfriends. In other words, funny rule “If you’re on a diet, it doesn’t that you can’t look at the sweets” doesn’t work with boys and men who have romantic relations with their better halves. It’s hard to believe, but it seems to be true. The culprit of such a strange behavior is oxytocin also known as “love hormone,” scientists believe.
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Demi Moore can’t give up her “younger man-eating” habits

Dami with Ashton
Aston Kutcher? Nay! She needs someone younger, this appetizing man-eating milf (oh yes, our Demi can be righteously called that way!) Everyone thinks that Demi and Ashton parted ways because he cheated on her BUT a smart man knows that Die Hard’s ex simply needed a younger stud, right?

Today Demi hangs out with 26-years-old fashion dealer Vito Schanabel. Taking into consideration that she is 50, things gladly shift to the weirdo side. A funny thing here: does Vito treats her as a milf and does Demi treats him from a “cougar” point of view?
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Why Men Don’t Want to Get Married?

Clean shirts, hot dinners and warmed up bed is not enough for a modern man to get married with a woman whom he loves (even like that!) There is much more in the whole tying the knot thing for men as women might usually assume. Brace yourself as you are going to find out about TOP-6 male requirements as for the “creating a family unit” stuff.

Sexual Harmony

It is here where his sexual abilities, endurance and skills have to match with your desires in bed. Satisfying his woman right is one of the most vital aspirations for modern men. Basically, it’s a good thing but if something goes wrong, you have to intervene and “help”.
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Age, sex drive & adult sex dates: things change a bit every time we get older


They say, everything in this beautiful world comes to it’s end, and sex dating is one of those extra pleasant things that come to an end faster than others. But is it really so?

Truth to tell, there are some specific sex drive changes most men and women feel after 35-40: our libido gets affected by many adverse factors such as stress, work-related negative emotions, lack of sexual desire, side effects of drugs, and so on. In other words, you have the whole bunch of reliable sex drive killers to choose from.

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