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Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you

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Restricted area: every women has little secrets she prefers not to share with you.

It is quite natural to learn as much as possible about our partners when it comes to new relations starting. However, very often we get the information not compatible with the “calm and happy” life. According to Men’sHealt journal, there are things you don’t need to know about your dame (let’s wait, maybe someday we’ll get the same “taboos list” about men). Here are just some of them:
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Sexual superstition: native features are not always pleasant

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Everyone knows that each culture has it’s own sexual traditions and rules. Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender can provide us with many examples of various aspects of human sexual life. In particular, very interesting are some taboos connected with time for having sex: in some areas of our planet the active manifestation of the sexual life is forbidden during certain times of a day. Here are some examples, provided by Vaughan Bell:
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Is it possible for a man say “No!” to sex? Nah! Wait… Oh, shi…

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Some men can boast of having the same weird love making-related habit as one some tender ladies demonstrate in romantic relations. I mean making excuses to avoid sexual activity.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but even today, when Adult Web offers so many kinds of adult fun having to maintain our sexual life, you may find lots of gents rejecting the joy of sex. I’m not talking about true connoisseurs of UK sex chat or members of Wolverhampton swingers parties, cause those guys just live in their very special world full of the same special amusement which make them absolutely happy with their choice. Period!

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