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After-sex activity: men and women see it differently

seaxual activity
Perhaps, there as many types of “after-sex activity” as positions in Kamasutra. Some of them become well known cinematic cliches. Yes, we are talking about that scene where both “lovers” perform rather boorish “chat’n’smoke.” However, today we have the following situation: we can get all the info about where, when, and with whom we can have the best sex, but we know much less about spending time after making love. That’s why scientists decided to fill in that gap in our knowledge.
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Scientists: Shopping Makes Us Younger?

sex shopping
Nice! Recent researches have shown that shopping actual keeps us young. Once we stop being interested in buying new things and stuff, we get old “officially”.

The whole thing is the following: a group of senior citizens (as well as their relatives) were polled about how they feel about shopping. Sad fact is that those people reported to be feeling officially old right after the interest towards going shopping vanishes. Another interesting fact is that as long you maintain doing shops on your own, as long people “don’t consider you old”.
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Female metalanguage: learn to RBTL to get what your girlfriend REALLY says!

Hot Girls

Yup, adult sex dating can’t do without talking alright. Lots of talking… In fact, these days we got the whole special kind of adult fun having for Internet users known as adult chat sex: from now on all naughty stories of yours aren’t the matter of secrecy, if you wish, you can share them with millions of horny like-minders seeking for hot aesthetic experience in the Worldwide Net.

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