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Sexual superstition: native features are not always pleasant

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Everyone knows that each culture has it’s own sexual traditions and rules. Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender can provide us with many examples of various aspects of human sexual life. In particular, very interesting are some taboos connected with time for having sex: in some areas of our planet the active manifestation of the sexual life is forbidden during certain times of a day. Here are some examples, provided by Vaughan Bell:
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Yep, they are faker, just learn to live with it

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Hope, I’m wrong but these days I’m sure that 85% (no-no-no, 90%!!!) of adult men and women aren’t completely sincere with their feeling when it comes to “no strings contacts” (making friends with potential sex partner just for adult fun having).

To be more specific, grown-up boys and girls are used to fake their orgasms when having sex regardless of their current lovers “status:” be it a regular love mate or come-and-go fuck buddy, millions of men and women prefer to act against their conscience just to avoid possible (and very unpleasant) explanations and excuses.

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